We lend to build up the community.

Our philosophy is simple. We want to recover a practice of lending based on person-to-person relationship and deep knowledge of one another. We lend to build up the community in all its relationships. We hope borrowers and lenders become friends.

We lend person to person.

Our approach is personal. We talk with you about loan amounts and interest rates that work for your business. We ask for letters of reference and financials rather than running credit scores. We also ask borrowers to serve on a loan committee to help recommend other loans to make. We plan on eating together and enjoying one another’s company.

We lend from gratitude and for flourishing.

We see the interest borrowers pay on a loan as a way for those who loan money,  together with those who borrow it, properly to share in the fruits of a flourishing business.

We firmly believe money does not “make money.” Good work combined with the blessing put in Creation by a good and generous Creator is the only thing that brings true increase. We lend in a way that recognizes this.